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Short Version

Written by Olatomiwa Bifarin, Bifarin V Substack is his attempt at blurring out disciplinary boundaries. Major themes are sciences, technology, and the humanities.

Long(er) Version

1. Who is the author, what does he do?

I am Olatomiwa Bifarin, or ‘Bif’ for shorts - as I am called by my colleagues. I am a scientist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and my current academic research forces me to work in a few disciplines: biology (cancer biology, metabolism), analytical chemistry (NMR, MS), and computer science (statistical learning, deep learning).

2. And what does he write about?

This newsletter is multi-/transdisciplinary. If at all, I will rarely write on the subject of my academic research since I already spend my day thinking and writing about them.

However, you can expect some philosophy (e.g., Thomistic, Girardian, and the like), sociology, psychology, general science, technology, and perhaps some content on Africa (if any, it might be West Africa centric).

3. Where should I start from?

Perhaps from my Ph.D. memoir essay, Wander. It’s my most popular essay.


If you enjoy philosophy, you can start with What Things Exist. I wrote about how to approach the question of what is true. This naturally leads to discussions on solipsism, scientific realism, anti-realism, and the like. If you are into more applied, ‘popularized’ philosophy, read Fragility of (Epistemic) Stability, where I engaged in an epistemic meditation on the future.

>Sociology and Anthropology

If philosophy doesn’t entice you that much, sociology might. Read We are all Copycats, Prestige as an Illusion, and Twins, Mirrors, and Taboos. In the three essays, I take on the subject of imitation - via the lens of the great Rene Girard - and explored how such a simple behavior makes our world what it is.

>Biology and Medicine

Wouldn’t it be odd, being a biologist of some sort, and not write something on the subject? It will be, so here you go: Why We Die, but Cities Don’t. I wrote about scaling phenomena, and why we die, contrasting it to Cities. In Why We Age, I wrote about the biology of aging. In Go Hungry, I explored a longevity pathway via fasting.


If you are a Christain (or if you are interested in Christianity) and want a more intellectual flavor of the religion, let’s say philosophical theology, I will read this: St Aquinas on Trial. In the essay, I tangentially addressed the question: is Thomas Aquinas responsible for the rise of modern humanism, as asserted by some theologians (Spoiler alert, I argued against the motion).

>Modern Work

How do you work productively in the 21st century, read my essay: Working in the Storm. I write about productivity hacks that are necessary to excel if you are a knowledge worker.


I do not have enough mileage in this section for now, but there is something to read: Moderation.

>Around the Web

I write quasi-monthly Around the Web where I share links to interesting reads and videos on all sorts of subjects. See here, here, here, and here for examples.


Finally, I run an annual microgrant program MBB grant. I post updates on this substack. For example, See the 2021 announcement and MBB grant winners for that year.

4. How often does he write?

Due to the rigor of my current day job (I am a postdoctoral scholar in a college in the United States), I will post at least one essay, and one ‘around the web’ in a month.

5. I will like to contact you

I am available here: obifarin at yahoo dot com.

6. And don’t forget…

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Ire o (Peace).